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Purple Striped Jersey Knit from Fabric Mart

Purple Striped Skater

Hi everybody! Nothing much to see here… just another Lady Skater dress! I did not make any changes to my pattern since the previous few…

Plaid Lady Skater side view

A Plaid Lady Skater

Yep, another Lady Skater – and another attempt to get this pattern just right! I made one modification to the pattern after the red Lady…


Lady (Skater) in Red

As promised, Lady Skater #2! After I finished my first Lady Skater dress, I planned a few modifications: 1. Shorten the shoulder height. 2. Do…

Colette Moneta, Brown Grid Fabric

Me Made May 2014

Happy May! With the month of May comes flowers, frolic-worthy weather, and my favorite month on the sewing blog circuit: Me Made May. For the…

Coco 3 on me

The Coco That Could

It feels good to finally get one right! It took 3 attempts at pattern modifications for the Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons, but…