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Black and White Dot Coco Dress

My Favorite Coco

I hate to play favorites, but we’ve all got them, right? I stitched up this Coco dress a couple weeks ago, right before I headed…

Fox Coco dress

What Does the Fox Say?

If you haven’t heard the fox song, I will spare you, as it is rather awful and I’ve been singing it for two hours now….

Pink Patent Doc Martens 1460

Coco Fab

This fabric is just fabulous, and therefore, this Coco is fabulous. Wouldn’t it be even more fabulous with these Docs? One can dream… I think…

Fake Sweater Coco Dress

The Fake Sweater Coco

What looks like a cozy sweater but isn’t? This dress! It’s my fake sweater Coco dress! I am so close to having this pattern perfectly…

Coco Pattern Adjustments

Pattern Fitting Adventures

My knit fabrics from Girl Charlee arrived yesterday, and they’re ready to turn into some new Coco dresses! I got the fabric washed and dried…