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Michael Miller Atomic Tabby

Coming Soon: Meow!

Sad, but true: I haven’t sewed a stitch since I went back to work in August! So much for my August sewing plans… heh. Whoops….

Fabric Fairy Red Polka Dot Swimwear Fabric

There’s a Bombshell in My Future

As I ponder my next sewing moves, all I can think of is: Hello, summer! The Perfect Pattern Parcel has great timing. I have been…

Atlantic Coast Road Trip 2014

Me Made May: Womp Womp

As I probably could have predicted, this turned out to be the Me Made May that wasn’t. My original pledge was very conservative: wear and…

Mood Fabrics White-Yellow-Gray-Pink Paisley Jersey Knit

It’s About To Get All Nerd-Retro Up In Here

With the¬†official declaration that I am no longer boycotting the color pink (after 30 years or so of shunning it), I’m finding all sorts of…

Brown Orange Mosaic Squares Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric - Girl Charlee

Upcoming Fabrics

Oh, the agony of awaiting fabric arrival! Here are some knits that are on their way to me from Girl Charlee as we speak. First…