Happy New Year 2016!

Happy new year, everybody!

It has been quiet around here since I went back to work in August, as tends to be the case. I have the most free time in the summer, and my archives prove that! It’s OK. I would like to work on being one of those “sew a little bit every day” people, but I am happiest when I can dive head-first into a project and not emerge until it is finished. I have a bit of an all-or-nothing mentality, and sometimes I think there’s more contentment to be gained in finding ways to work with my natural tendencies than to try and change everything. Maybe my goal should be to carve out at least one day per month to dedicate to sewing. I’d end up doubling my typical annual number of garments. Hmm. Interesting.

Still, I’m very happy with my 2015 results. I sewed a whole bunch of Lady Skater dresses that have gotten a lot of use, and conquered the woven Decades of Style ESP dress that I plan to sew several more of. This past summer, as I planned to head back to work, I set 2 goals: wear a dress at least once a week, and wear makeup every day. The rationale was pretty simple. I tend to prioritize a trillion things above my appearance, and when things get busy or stressful, I tend to revert to t-shirts, jeans, and no makeup. I’ve never been one of those “must-be-made-up-to-leave-the-house” people, and I have no desire to become one, but I do feel better about myself when I feel like I put at least a little effort into my appearance. I figured that if I feel better about how I present myself, I’ll feel better about a lot of other things. So I set those goals. (Truth be told, I’ve set those same goals every semester for the last 15 years or so, but clothing plays a big part in this, and suffering off the RTW racks did not help).

I sewed up those Lady Skaters with these goals in mind, and it worked. Well, there was a week or two over the 16 weeks that I did not wear a dress, but those were due to weather considerations (hello, wind!). One thing that helped with makeup was my accidental discovery that buying “expensive” eye shadows and liners results in a completely different experience than applying drug store makeup. A Kat Von D eyeshadow palette (Innerstellar, if you’re curious) changed my makeup life, quite literally. I’ve slowly started building my collection of “good” makeup and am spending way too much time watching makeup videos on YouTube.

Diving into makeup more seriously has led me to consider color a bit more. That, and dying my hair blonde. I’ve never been blonde before, and the change resulted in a discovery that knocked my socks off. I’ve always assumed that because I had brown hair with reddish undertones that I had a warm complexion. Well… not so. I did some reading on skin tones and such, and it turns out I’m cool – cool winter, actually. Maybe that’s why I never liked makeup on me. I was picking all the wrong colors.

That brings me to 2016, where I believe it’s time to start looking at the colors I wear and start sewing specifically for a color palette that works with my preferences and skin tone. Many of my favorites are already in the right ballpark, but I would like to be more intentional about my wardrobe color palette. I already tend to wear or prefer reds, purples, and black/gray, and I do like green but don’t own a lot of greens. I don’t own many blue things but I don’t dislike blue; I’m not sure why I’ve neglected ol’ blue. Here’s a hodge-podge attempt at a color grid, with the intent being: shoot for reds, purples, greens, and blues.

Winter Cool Color Palette

These colors¬†fall in the cool – winter family. I find it ironic that I’m a “cool winter” person; I absolutely can’t stand winter as a season. I hate being cold and snow is evil!

As I embark on my third year of sewing, that’s where I’m at. I’m content with my skill level for now. I don’t really have the time or patience to get into more complicated projects, especially with my objection to spending more than a day on any one garment. I’m not really a fancy person, anyway. I like comfortable, wearable, casual things. So my focus is going to be on refining my color choices and building an everyday wardrobe. I’d like to be more consistent with my sewing and will try to schedule regular sewing days.

That’s the plan! Bring on 2016! Do you have any sewing goals for the new year?


Hamster photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/8xeBPS


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