Plaid Lady Skater side view

A Plaid Lady Skater

Yep, another Lady Skater – and another attempt to get this pattern just right!

I made one modification to the pattern after the red Lady Skater: I did a cheater FBA using the instructions on the fitting and adjustments page. I just did one size up (1/2″) – though I could probably go even another size up, as there are still some minor drag lines across the bust in my latest Lady Skater – though this is a less stretchy fabric as well.

The main challenge of this dress was that it was my first attempt at matching plaids. First, I was going to re-trace my pattern pieces to a single layer per Lauren’s Match Plaids Like a Boss tutorial. Then I thought it would be too hard to cut the skirt out on a single layer, as it would be ginormous and wouldn’t fit on my table. Next, I went the Sewaholic route for matching plaids and attempted to pin my fabric together matched prior to cutting. Oy. This fabric was so hard to lay out. I couldn’t get it to lay flat no matter what I did. I did my best to pin everything together matched, and then cut out the pieces.

I attempted to match the side seams of the bodice and skirt pieces, the bodice waist to the skirt, and one of the shoulders. (Ha – forgot to cut out the second sleeve piece, so by the time I realized that and went back to cut the second one, the dress was half assembled… no pattern matching soup for you!)


I was singing this as I cut my fabric…

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter


Yeah, it was kind of brutal.

The end result, front view: LOL!

Plaid Lady Skater front view

The side view isn’t quite as bad, but still not good:

Plaid Lady Skater side view

And the back… well, everybody should just look at me from behind if you want happy almost-matched plaids! (Also, check out that right shoulder! Yeah, baby!

Plaid Lady Skater back view

Ahh, well. Such is life.

I noticed that the sleeve caps on this Skater are a bit poofy like my previous one. I suspect that is from the narrow shoulder adjustment. I am going to shorten the height of the sleeve cap by a size on the top curve and see if that fixes it. I don’t think I’m going to bother with more FBA adjustments.

I have a few more knits to turn into Skaters and 1 week until I head off to a conference and then back to work. Here’s to a few more sewing projects before I go!

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