An August Mini-Wardrobe

I had such a good time putting together a mini-wardrobe for the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest (open until July 31) that I’ve decided to take the same approach to planning my next batch of sewing adventures – though without the requirement that all of the pieces mix and match together. I’m definitely a planner, but have been winging it so far with my sewing – which means that I have heaps of patterns and a fabric stash that is taking over my home, with no clear plans for what goes with what! It’s time to bring some order to this chaos!

With the end of summer vacation (and the return to work) approaching, it seems only fitting that I make some clothes that I can wear to work. I’ve been on a dress kick lately, but I can definitely use some tops that aren’t hoodies or tshirts (but are just as comfortable!). I plan to shoot for 2 tops and 2 dresses:

August Mood Board

August Mood Board

Simplicity 2766 looks like it will make a cute top and dress. Simplicity 2345 will be a simple cowl top, and of course, there is another Colette Moneta in my future. Maybe sleeveless, maybe not. Haven’t decided yet. There may actually be two Monetas, as a little black dress version may end up on my list of things to do, along with that cute floral I have planned.

I’ve got some wovens in the stash for when the mood strikes, but honestly, I am so comfortable wearing knits that I am really preferring the heck out of them right now. Wovens are tough to fit, and I fall just outside the “regular” pattern sizing on most patterns. So I may hold off on cutting into my wovens until I drop a few more pounds. 5 weeks until the half marathon… here’s to making some progress on that front!

That also means, 4 weeks until I go back to work… so I had better get cracking on these projects!

What’s your typical work style? Casual? Business casual? Business formal?

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