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Summer Sewing Plans

We’re getting into the thick of summer vacation around here, and it’s time to set some sewing goals! Pattern Review is having a contest, and while I might not actually enter, it got me thinking about what I’d like to make this summer. I’d already been planning a Bombshell swim suit, and I made a wearable muslin (unblogged) of a McCall’s tank style dress (6754), so I started planning around those.

The Pattern Review contest is to build a “mini-wardrobe” of 5 pieces that can be mixed and matched and worn together to make 6 different “looks” without additional garments.

Here’s what I’ve come up with, complete with awful fabric Photoshopping to give me a bit of a visual roadmap. (Fabrics not ‘shopped to scale, and the button-down blouse will be in the white fabric):

Summer Sewing Plans

Summer Sewing Plans

The Brigitte scarf (from Tilly and the Buttons, Love At First Stitch), Colette Moneta, and McCall’s 6754 tank dress shouldn’t be too difficult, as I’ve made them at least once before (though the tank dress bodice needs some serious alterations, as the pattern as cut was enormously too large. I plan to compare it to my Moneta bodice, which fits well, and adjust from there). The tank dress also has a tutorial video from Professor Pincushion – The Rocker Dress. The blouse goes with a Craftsy class that I’ve already purchased (the Classic Tailored Shirt), so hopefully I will be able to follow along without much trouble. And the Bombshell… well, it will be the hardest component of the bunch, but there is an online Bombshell sew-along and with any luck, I can wrap these up in a couple weeks before I head to Virginia Beach.

I traced out the Bombshell pattern tonight and made some adjustments. I have no idea how it will turn out, as the pattern’s shapes baffled me. I followed some tips I found in the sew-along comments, and hopefully I haven’t buggered the whole thing. We will see!

What are your summer sewing plans?

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