Me Made May: Week 2 Moneta Dress

Me Made: May 7

My first outfit for Me Made May: Week 2 was my latest creation – the faux denim Colette Moneta. The softness and drape of the fabric was perfect, and the elastic waist did not bother me. (I was afraid it might). All in all, the dress was a win, and even held up in a windy walk downtown.

Me Made May: Week 2 Moneta Dress

I’m not grumpy. I just photograph that way. Photo timers wig me out.

I will likely get one more me-made outfit in this weekend, so I will wait on my me-made summary for a few days.

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  • April - 5 years ago

    It’s super cute!!

    • Shelly - 5 years ago

      Thanks, April! It is super comfy, too! Love it.