Doodles Denim Blue Knit - JoAnn Fabrics

Third Time is a Charm

They say the third time is a charm, and in the case of Colette Moneta dresses, that stands true. It was a heck of a road to get here, though!

Things, at first, were going swell. I picked up an adorable denim knit for half off (Doodles Denim Blue Knit from JoAnn Fabrics) – you know, the kind that looks like denim but isn’t denim at all. (Side note – it’s categorized as a “juvenile” fabric. Excuse me! I happen to love it!)

Doodles Denim Blue Knit - JoAnn Fabrics

Doodles Denim Blue Knit – JoAnn Fabrics. I am NOT a juvenile, tyvm!

It’s the perfect weight – not too lightweight, but not too heavy for summer. It’s super soft and flowy and just all around lovely. I was looking forward to working with it, as I could tell it was just the right weight for an easy time at the machine.

Everything was going well until about half way through the dress, when my machine started bird nesting the bobbin thread like crazy. First, I thought maybe I just got my fabric caught up under the presser foot. I picked the mess of a seam and tried again. Same thing. I pulled the bobbin out and checked for tangled threads. Everything looked fine, so I picked the seam and tried again. Let’s just say this repeated at least half a dozen times. In the process, I learned how to take apart a few things on my machine, and how to clean the shuttle, and how to clean the shuttle even better, and how to move the feed dogs – all useful things to know, I’m sure. I also have 2 sets of bobbins for my blue thread now (tried a new bobbin, too!) Also in the process, I chewed up the corner of the dress when my machine ate it (quite literally). Luckily, I was able to cover up the damage in the bottom hem.

Upon my third attempt at cleaning out the shuttle, I found the offending piece of thread that was gumming up the works. I don’t even remember using a light blue thread. I have no idea what that was from. Once I removed it, things went back to puppies and kittens and rainbows.

I was determined on this attempt to get my elastic waist shirring right. My approach was to use a long (4mm) zig zag stitch, since I had better luck with the zig zag than the straight basting stitches in my first 2 attempts. Instead of trying to meet the exact markings on the elastic (per the instructions), I decided that I would just sew it on as consistently as possible, using the markings as a last-resort guide. I ended up trimming off several inches of elastic, but it worked quite fine and I am happy to report that the shirring looks lovely this time around!

Blue Denim Moneta on a Dress Form

Meet Ziva, the Wonder Cat

This will likely be a me-made outfit of the week tomorrow. Here’s the sneak peek:

Wearing the Blue Denim Moneta

Sneak peek Moneta selfie. Look at that shirring!

The only thing I question a teeny tiny bit about this pattern is having the elastic bare on skin along the inside of the dress. We’ll see how this one goes. My first Moneta is a little less fitted in the waist, so it didn’t really bother me. This one will definitely be more noticeable. I’m curious to see if it will bug me after a few hours.

The fabric, though… mwah! I just love it. I’m awaiting the arrival of a few more knits that will become Coco or Moneta dresses, and then I think I will try something new… maybe a button-down blouse or a woven dress… I’m thinking of trying to draft something with a fitted bodice and pleated skirt. Summer break is fast approaching, and I have plenty of ideas for my sewing machine!

What’s on your sewing to-do list?

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