Black and White Dot Coco Dress

My Favorite Coco

I hate to play favorites, but we’ve all got them, right? I stitched up this Coco dress a couple weeks ago, right before I headed to Las Vegas for a conference. I had hoped it would turn out smashing so I could wear it for my presentation. It did! This is my favorite Coco to date (see previous versions: my first Coco, navy floral Coco, fake sweater Coco, fabulous pink flower Coco, and the foxy Coco).

Here’s my current favorite, in all her glory: the black polka dot Coco:

Black and White Dot Coco Dress

My favorite Coco dress!


Why do I like this one so much? The fabric! It is so silky smooth! This was a clearance ITY knit from Fabric Mart ($3.59/yd!) and I wish I had bought it all. I have about half a yard of leftover scrap from this dress, but… sigh. There’s none left at FM.

The dress itself is far from perfect. The fabric that I love so much was a total PITA to work with. It didn’t like to stay pinned, and it didn’t like to stay lined up to anything. As a result, a lot of my stitching appears clumsy, but did I mention how silky smooth it feels?! It drapes really nicely and doesn’t cling to anything. And, polka dots make me happy, as do little black dresses.

I also like the sleeves. I shortened them from the pattern to make the dress more suitable for summertime, and I’m happy with how they turned out.

I’m curious… when you find fabric you like, how much do you usually buy? Enough for one pattern? Or do you buy more in anticipation of future unknown uses?

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