Brown Floral Colette Moneta on a dress form

Me Made: May 3

I whipped up another Colette Moneta dress last night, thanks to inspiration from Me Made May. I bought a couple jersey knits from Fabric Mart, but it turns out they are super lightweight. I figured they’d work for a hopefully-wearable muslin of the Moneta.

Brown Floral Cotton Jersey Knit from Fabric Mart

Brown Floral Cotton Jersey Knit from Fabric Mart

I had a sneaking suspicion that I had gotten quite lucky with my first attempt at the elastic waist on the Moneta. I was nervous after reading T’s experience on U & Mii (her Moneta is gorgeous, btw), but while it seemed wonky at the time, my first Moneta’s shirred waist turned out OK (nevermind my lack of any attempt at pattern matching). The waistline pattern makes it look a bit worse than it actually is (and I did goof just a bit sewing over a bump in the center). But all in all, it’s pretty uniform around the entire dress.

Brown Orange Grid Colette Moneta

Brown Orange Grid Colette Moneta

But this second one… well, let me back up a moment. The instructions state to baste the elastic to the fabric, gently pulling while basting, and voila… shirred. I accidentally used a zig zag stitch for my first one, and while it got bird’s nested all over the place, the machine never failed to keep chugging along, and the elastic shirred pretty well and matched up at the seams. My second time through, I followed the instructions and set my machine to its largest basting straight stitch, but the result was inconsistent shirring. I had the elastic pulled as tight as I could, but maybe the stitches were too long? It just didn’t bunch the fabric up very much, and I ended up with 2 sides where the elastic was essentially un-stretched.

Here’s the front, where things shirred pretty well:

Brown Floral Moneta - front waist

Brown Floral Moneta – front waist, not so bad shirring

And here’s the side waist, where it’s not shirred at all:

Brown Floral Moneta - side waist

Brown Floral Moneta – side waist… bad shirring.

Womp womp.

This fabric is so lightweight that I decided not to try ripping out the elastic for a do-over. The only good news is that the shirring is just about equally borked on both sides, so I can almost argue that it was meant to be that way. (OK, fine… lame argument). As a super-thin and light dress, this will probably find its place in my heat-of-summer wardrobe, but it’s not a favorite.

Brown Floral Colette Moneta on a dress form

Brown Floral Colette Moneta

I like the length on the Moneta quite a bit. It falls just above my knees without any pattern hacks. Coco is still just a teeny bit short for my preferences (even after adding 4 inches to the length), and I don’t know that I can really lengthen it any more without completely losing the intended shape integrity. Honestly, I’ve probably already lost too much in my pattern hacking to call it a true Coco.

This elastic issue though…. oy. I will give it at least one more try, but if I don’t find a way to get this elastic shirring down pat, I can’t see myself risking nicer fabrics on it.

For Me Made May, I wore my navy floral Coco dress today. I think it may have shrunk a bit in the wash, even though I pre-washed and dried the fabric before putting this one together. I tried wearing it without leggings, and chickened out before I left home. A swift breeze would quite easily expose my bum, and I’m not so keen on exposing my bum! I will need to get some shorter leggings for summer. Otherwise, my shorter Cocos will be relegated to the cool-weather drawer.

Me Made May 3, 2014: A Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress

Me Made May 2014 Summary, through May 3:

Week 1 (May 1-4):
Me-Made Items Worn: 2
Me-Made Items Created: 1

(Goal is one of each, each week).

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