Fox Coco dress

What Does the Fox Say?

If you haven’t heard the fox song, I will spare you, as it is rather awful and I’ve been singing it for two hours now. How did this figment of viral internet fury get stuck in my head? This dress put it there!

Fox Coco dress

What does the fox say?

Yes, it’s another Coco. I wanted to sew something up but didn’t want to have to think too hard, and I’ve sewn up enough Cocos by now that they’re pretty mindless. That doesn’t mean my Cocos turn out perfect. In this case, the fox says, “Stop using crappy thread!”

Sigh. I forgot to buy good matching thread for this fabric, so I dug into my “sewing starter kit” box of spools. Had I known what absolute junk this thread would be, I’d have never bothered with it, but… I’m new. I didn’t know. This awful thread (from the Singer 165 Piece Beginner’s Sewing Kit, if you must know) broke no fewer than 5 times in the course of sewing this dress, and I eventually just gave up on it and switched to a cream colored Coats and Clark spool half way through. I think there may still be some of this junk stuck in my bobbin compartment. My cutter was acting all wonky and I pulled a couple thread nests out. This was the first time I’d run crap thread through my Brother 420, and the first time I had any trouble with it. Coincidence?

The stay stitching on the neckline bunched things up a bit, and I’m not sure if it’s because the thread was so awful or some other reason. Such is life. This fabric is probably better suited for pajama pants, but it cracks me up and I will definitely wear this dress (maybe while giving tours at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where I volunteer). Good times!

What has the fox told you lately?

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