Light Purple Coco Top

Coco as a Top

My love affair with Coco continues, as I whipped together a Coco as a top instead of a dress. I used a light ribbed sweater-knit type fabric in a pastel purple color (great for work… Go JMU Dukes!) How well would Coco fare as a top?

Light Purple Coco Top

Sorry for the odd camera angle… says Busty McBusterson.

I suspect Coco would fare much better as a top with a different fabric! This fabric was insanely stretchy (Coco’s pattern requests medium weight knits with little stretch), and I just didn’t do very well on the task of not stretching it as I sewed. As a result, the hems and neckline are doing some funky stretchy things.

As you see, I also attempted shorter sleeves on this top, and I do need to take them an inch or two shorter. I like longer short sleeves (as I’ve got some arm waddle to hide) but these are just a touch too long. I could take the sleeve hem up a bit, but since they’re doing that stretchy flare thing anyway, I think maybe I’ll leave them… as if I intended the little girly swoop.

I added an inch to each side of the neck line, and it’s still too wide for my liking. Am I the only one that can’t seem to keep my bra straps hidden in a boat neck top?

All in all, Coco was again a dream to sew up, even if this fabric was not.

So, seriously – what’s the bra strap trick?

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