Coco 3 on me

The Coco That Could

It feels good to finally get one right! It took 3 attempts at pattern modifications for the Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons, but it was worth it to end up with a dress that feels like pajamas but looks much nicer than my typical hoodies and jeans.

My first Coco was not a failure, but it’s fitted enough that I will feel a bit self conscious in it. My second Coco was an abysmal mess, as I mis-calculated my adjustments and made it way too big. I will spare you the tragic visual. Finally, though, my third Coco fit just right for both my body and my (mildly neurotic) hyper-awareness of self.

Coco 3 on a dress form

Coco #3 on my body double

Coco 3 on me

Cranky face is cranky.

Please disregard the cranky face. I’m never smiling at the right moment when camera timers go off. The colors shown in the bottom picture are more true to life. Thank you, natural light!

I’m very happy with this version of Coco! The only thing I will change next time is to grade down in the neck size. The first time I made it, I accidentally traced the wrong lines and made the neck the smallest size – but that actually seemed to work out well, as this neck (which is the proper size) is just a bit too big and gapes a little in the front. I suspect that on most patterns, I’m really going to have to choose the bodice based on my upper bust/chest size instead of my full bust to get a proper fit in the neck/shoulders, and then do a full bust adjustment on the pattern. I didn’t do an FBA on this pattern, but I did add a couple inches to the waist and below, so that seems to have accommodated the girls just fine.

This dress is super comfy, and I’ve got fabric on the way to make 3 or 4 more versions of my beloved Coco. This is definitely going in my “tried and true” pattern collection. I have some fabric in my stash that will probably turn into a transitional Coco top, as it’s somewhat sweater-like but thin enough for spring. The way winter is dragging on this year, I may get some use out of such a thing.

How many patterns are in your “tried and true” collection?



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