Once upon a time, I bought an iron. I had just finished college and moved out on my own, and my boyfriend at the time needed his work shirt ironed. I was still at that quaint age when everything felt like playing house, and buying an iron seemed like such a grown-up thing to do. I paid $12 for that iron and deemed myself quite the frugal and accomplished house-girlfriend.

The next time I recall using that iron was 6 or so years later, to iron a different boyfriend’s work shirt.

Fast forward 12 years, and I dug out the iron again as I started this journey into sewing.

Is it any wonder, really, that working with that iron was an absolute nightmare? Even if I factor in the inflation from 1997 to 2014, that awesome iron is only worth $17.55, 17 years later. Ouch. I had a heck of a time pressing seams because the tip of the iron was fat and clunky. The iron didn’t heat evenly, and water leaked everywhere when I used the steam function. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as putting a sewing project on hold so that freshly-soaked fabric can dry.

I growled at that old iron for a few months before it struck me to buy a new iron. I must admit (though you may have already guessed) that I’m not the iron-wielding kind of gal. I rarely (and when I say “rarely,” I mean, “never”) wear clothes that require pressing or ironing (oh, yes – there’s a difference!). I typically research purchases like this to death, but in a rare moment of purchase spontaneity, I found myself prowling the department store aisles for a new steamy find. It’s rare that I skip out on Amazon Prime and buy something in a brick-and-mortar megastore, but there I was. I came home with this beauty. Amazon doesn’t have the nicest things to say, but with not much to compare it to, I’m enjoying Sharkie (that’s his name) quite a bit. This is the Shark GI505 Ultimate Professional Steam Iron.

Shark GI505 Professional Iron


With irons come ironing boards, and with my current square footage limitations come space saving solutions! Amazon had some highly rated over-the-door ironing boards (I was nearly swayed by this one), but again I found myself out and about, and ended up getting this $10 Room Essentials version from Target. I suppose there are nicer ones out there, but to my clueless ironing self, this one works just fine.

Over the Door Ironing Board

The cats get mad when I close the door to iron. Deal with it, cats!

Pressing seams and garments has been a joy a much less miserable experience since Sharkie entered my life. While I dream of having enough space to dedicate an entire room to sewing (and another room to computers and gaming, and another room to music, and another room to media and entertainment, and another room to….), this setup works pretty well. Either that, or I’m just clueless enough not to know any better!

What’s your iron of choice for sewing?

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