Brother XL-2600i and Sewing Machine Cover

Sewing Machine Cover

My very first machine sewing project was a sewing machine cover. My Brother XL2600i did not come with a cover, and I needed a way to keep dust off of my machine. YouTube has been a fantastic resource for sewing how-to videos, as watching someone use a sewing machine is a lot easier than reading about it.

I came across a YouTube channel called The Crafty Gemini, and followed her video tutorial to create my first “thing” – this sewing machine cover. (No kidding – I plastered it all over Facebook with the title, “I MADE A THING!” Thus, this blog’s name).

Sewing machine cover

I made a thing!

It was one of the most exciting little personal accomplishments I’d had in a while. It makes me laugh now to think of how long I spent staring at the machine and instruction manual, trying to figure out how to thread it. (For the record – and I’ve experienced this on two different Brother models – the instructions make things seem much more complicated than they actually are. Go with your gut, and you’ll probably thread it correctly!) But there it was. I made a thing. This cover also required my first foray into fusible interfacing. All went well, despite my early refusal to buy a decent iron.

The fabric I used was quilting cotton from Walmart. (It would take several more months for me to venture from the safety of quilting cottons).

Brother XL-2600i and Sewing Machine Cover

My first love

If you’d like to make your own sewing machine cover, here’s a great tutorial from The Crafty Gemini. There’s no pattern required, as you build your own pattern based on the size of your machine.

Jumping into sewing is a bit like learning a new language, on top of learning the mechanics and skills. Bobbins and facings and interfacing and grain lines and selvages and presser feet… not to mention the chaotic world that is fabrics! Patience, persistence, and a good seam ripper seem to be early keys to success.

What advice would you share with someone new to sewing?

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